An illustartion of how search engine operates

How Search Engine Operate

In our previous blog posts, we’ve been talking about SEO, SEO ranking and Quality Content. But we totally forgot to explain how search engine operate, and this brings us to this post. Bevenny Creations is going to give you a brief history about search engine, how they operate, and why do we need them. History […]

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seo rank - how to guide

Maintaining your SEO rank – The how-to Guide

SEO rank, and how does one go about obtaining it? What are the most efficient way of  generating web traffic? These and many other questions will be answered in this How-to Guide. One of the most efficient tools, for driving traffic to your website is via search engines. They assist in the generating traffic, thereby […]

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web development languages

5 Web development languages you should learn

If you are interested in going into computer programming, there are a number of languages that you should learn. The more familiar you become with these programming languages, the better you will be at doing this type of work. These days it can be difficult for even programmers with a formal education to get hired, […]

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5 common flaws of web designing

5 common flaws that hold back your website

Millions of websites have been receiving face-lifts over the past few years. This is due to the recent popularity of mobile browsing. Designing options like parallax scrolling are also presently available. Such sites would stop consumers from viewing their brands of choice. We at Bevenny Creations, researched and found 5 common flaws that hold back […]

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