Parallax Scrolling vs Infinity Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling vs Infinity Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling vs Infinity Scrolling is a term used in mobile and web design to describe the type of scrolling. In this blog post, we will help make you understand the difference between the two. Also, we show you when to use either of the two in your project. Parallax Scrolling vs Infinity Scrolling, which is better when designing is just a few of the questions which will be answered. Now grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy the read.

Which of these scrolling is better when designing?

Before answering the questions above, we must first understand what scrolling is all about. Scrolling is an action of moving displayed text or images from the up and down of a screen, to view alternative potions of the content (“What is Scrolling? – Definition from Techopedia”, 2018).

What is Parallax scrolling, and infinity scrolling?

Parallax scrolling is a method used by web designers, which allows them to add an illusion of depth to a 2D scene by moving the foreground and background content when scrolled at a different speed (“Parallax Scrolling in Web Design – Benefits & Disadvantages“, 2018).
Infinity scrolling is a technique used by developers, allowing them to append more content to the bottom of a page when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page (Cousins, 2018).

Is Parallax scrolling necessary, what does it add to a website?

No, Parallax scrolling isn’t required because a site could attract viewers without the use of it, and it isn’t suitable for a content massive website. But it would be great to use it on a one-page design website. Parallax scrolling would add a visual effect or an illusion of page changing, also captivating the user’s attention allowing them to stay longer on the site.

What is your opinion of infinity scrolling versus parallax?

It is better to use Parallax scrolling for section separation in single page websites, which doesn’t contain lots of content. It helps simulate section changing within a webpage. Also, materials used with Parallax scrolling isn’t updated regularly.

Whereas, infinity scrolling is excellent with single-page or multi-page websites that have massive content, and content is updated or routinely posted. Sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. enjoy the use of infinity scrolling, replacing the use of pagination, which helps in keeping the attention of their users.

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