JavaScript for Modern Web Developers

javascript example

As stated by Wikipedia, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language and abbreviated as JS. Client-side means that the execution of the code or script runs at the end user’s computer. JavaScript is popular and widely used in all web applications to allow dynamic content to execute. The purpose of this essay is to prove why JavaScript is vital to modern web developers.

Javascript plays a vital role in web development, and this point can be determined by the fact that it is currently being used by 90 percent of all websites in the world. Since it is a client-side scripting language, it helps developers make dynamic and interactive websites. Developers can also use a framework like Node.js to create single-page web applications.

Tilkov and Vinoski (2010) stated that JS is gaining more significant popularity due to the development of a JavaScript server-side creation called Node.js. This new form of JavaScript comes packed with many features allowing developers to design applications without the use of a multithreading approach, but preferably with the use of asynchronous input/output with an event-driven programming model.

JavaScript also helps developers create an excellent responsive website that can be viewed correctly across all devices and browsers. Responsive web design reduces the time spent building multiple versions of the same site for various devices (tablets, mobile phones). Saxena et al., (2010) stated that all excellent user experience and user interface web applications have a considerable amount of client-side scripting language written within their code.

The ecosystem of JavaScript continues to grow with new libraries’ creations by the years, says Bigcommerence (2018). AngularJS, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, JQuery, Prototype, and Dojo are all popular JavaScript libraries which are used to create a state of the art user interface and user experience, thus making JS important for modern web developers.

In the modern world of web development, developers must use JavaScript in other to make applications deliver excellent user experience across multiple devices, platforms, and browsers. To accomplish this, the developer must have a vast understanding of various JS libraries, frameworks, and tools. For larger projects, the developer can use multiple libraries or frameworks to meet the individual requirement of the application being developed to accomplish an excellent user experience and thus making JS very important for modern web developers.