How People Interact with Search Engine

search engine and how people interact with them

There are a few things needed in building an online marketing supremacy around SEO. The most important of them all is to understand what your audience require. Once you have that under your belt, you can effectively reach and keep those users.

Now that you understand and know what your audience like, you can write and produce great content that they will enjoy. Let’s switch our attention to why this post was written. How do people interact with search engine?

Over the years, people have changed the way they interact with search engines. But, the core principle of how people conduct search has always remained unchanged. The responsibility of a search engine, is to present the user with answers.

The process of using a search engine

  1. A searcher is looking for information, i.e. an answer to their question or problem.
  2. They use a string of words that roughly describe what they are looking for. For example, if you’re looking for SEO services in your area, you might input the following in Google, “Web agency in Liberia”. This is known as a “query”.
  3. Enter the search query into a search engine.
  4. Look at the results displayed on the SERPs (search engine results page).
  5. Click on a webpage that you think will answer your question.
  6. Read the information on the page and see if it answers your question, or solves the problem
  7. If it doesn’t, click the back button and return to the SERPs, looking for another webpage to click on, or…
  8. Enter a different search query that could have a better chance in answering your question.

Google follows this mantra, “Build for users, not for search engines”.

Search queries can be categorized in three different ways:

Do” Transactional Queries – Action queries such as buy a concert ticket or listen to a song.
Know” Informational Queries – When a user seeks information, such as the name of the band or the best web design agency in Liberia.
Go” Navigation Queries – Search queries that seek a particular online destination, such as Bevenny Creations or the homepage of the Maid Brigade Services.

Like we mention before, one of the main responsibilities search engines have, is to present the user with the most relevant results. So when you are creating a webpage, or a blog post, make sure you are answering questions that a user may have. And if you find all this hard to digest, just remember everything starts with a person typing in some words into a small box.